We first evaluate your needs, desires, budget and physical footprint. Then we can consider a direction to take a Design.

Design & Engineering

With the Design and Engineering, we will implement hardware and software technology strategies, dimensional considerations with your on-site space and layout renderings and samples for approval.

Systems Integration

Our systems Integration is a particular talent that not only involves the assimilation of technologies as part of your new Design and Engineering but we will also seamlessly integrate with your existing installed technology.

Project Management

Once your project is estimated and we are moving forward, our team of leaders and technicians will manage your project from beginning to end, making sure all milestones and deliverables are met.

On-site Training

In additional to our Project Management, we of course offer On-site Training. New technology can appear complex in the beginning. We will make sure your staff knows exactly how to operate and manage your new system.

On-site Support

Our On-site Support is designed to help you manage the on-going needs of your system with the natural progression of the technology and your system hardware and software brand manufacturers. We'll help you with updates and any possible addendums that may be required over time.

On-site Service

Throughout the life of your system, we will offer On-site Support. Technology can have issues or just require general maintenance . We'll come out and take care of it!


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